Welcome to the new B-Side Feed!

Welcome to the new B-Side Feed

By Jasper Grant

Happy New Year! We couldn’t think of a more perfect day to relaunch B-Side Feed, our #ArtistsForArtists online content that includes interviews with all types of artists, as well as personal essays and specialized columns on music, literature, humor, beauty, and health/fitness by amazing contributing writers.

B-Side Feed supports the part of our mission that seeks to celebrate and cultivate the whole artist by providing a forum for artists to express themselves on a variety of subjects. It also encourages our community to strengthen its bonds and learn from each other in new and meaningful ways, a small but important antidote to the fast and furious 21st century of short-term projects.

Here’s what we have in store for you this year in B-Side Feed:


Ashley Harrell recently did something we have all dreamed about: to drop everything and travel the world. She will share with us the importance of adding some adventure into everyday life and how traveling the world helps us understand humanity just a little better than we did the day before.


Green Beauty.jpg

Green Beauty Buzz

Erin Williams (owner of Erin’s Faces) will be answering your questions on all things beauty. She is a successful business owner and makeup artist to many Broadway stars. We couldn’t be more excited to have Erin as a monthly writer!



Balancing Your B-Side

Resident Health Coach Jackie Trippeer Batruch shares her wisdom on how to feel your best, with valuable tips on seasonal eating, emotional well-being, exercise, and the importance of feeding your soul. We love Coach Jackie!



B-Side Playlist

Sean McGee introduces you to recording artists you should be hearing. Full of insight, Sean breaks down the albums of the artist he features and gives you an inside look. He’s our own personal Spotify Guru.



Books B-Side My Bed

Our resident bibliophile Summer Broyhill gives analysis and review of all the latest and greatest books to read on your morning commute, your vacation, or at night before bed. She is passionate, fiercely intelligent, and heart-centered, and she will help you find just the book to take you to new places in your mind.


B-Side Spotlight

Each month we’ll sit down with four artists and get to know them a bit better. They might share their favorite restaurants, people who inspire them, what art they are creating in the world and how YOU can see it. B-Side Spotlight is a valentine to the artists we love.


Artisanal Horseradish.jpg

Artisanal Horseradish

Rob Rodems recounts his daily adventures in the life of a New York City artist. His words of wisdom will keep you in stitches and smiling on your own subway commute. Because who doesn’t need a reason to smile on the subway? Rob is one of the finest and most lovely humans we know.


52 Sundays

My personal B-Side Feed project for 2018 is to write about everyday life on my favorite day of the week: Sunday. Whether it be a recipe I’m making for a dinner party, my top ten favorite musical theatre songs of all time, the artists in my life who inspire me, getting to know the people in my neighborhood on daily walks with Hugo and Banjo, or the joys and struggles of running a theatre company, it is my goal to add a little dose of inspiration to your Sunday (watch out, Oprah).


Are you ready for B-Side Feed? We are ready to create, cultivate, educate and elevate alongside you, our cherished community.


Jasper Grant

Curator, B-Side Feed