B-Side Playlist: Aurora

B-Side Playlist: Aurora

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Aurora is a 21-year-old singer/songwriter whose haunting voice is certain to strike a chord. Hailing from Stavanger, Norway, this young artist has been writing melodies and lyrics since she was six. Her music provides a huge range of emotions that feel both ethereal and grounded. Her newest album, All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend is sure to knock your socks off.

While doing a little bit of research, it seems that I might in fact be the only human who doesn’t know her work. She has an enormous European following, seeing that all of her videos have millions and millions of hits. Sure, she has been seen on a few of our network late night shows, but the question becomes: Why have I yet to hear her on a large scale in America?

There is something you can’t quite name. She fits into a unique brand. Her songs are pop in structure and the mix of electronic sounds feel comparable to Robyn or even Icona Pop. With tracks like “Conqueror,” one would just assume she is just a pop artist. But it is her one-of-a-kind layering of sound that actually send her into the folk/pop realm.

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Like most B-Side monthly artists, I’m usually sold on the sound of the vocals. With no exception, Aurora truly has a gift of taking patterns and altering them. She is a master of vocal variety. The flexibility of her voice is similar to a modern Dolores O’Riordan from the Cranberries. Her emotions are visceral, especially while performing live. The music comes from something deeper than singing -- it feels like she is channeling something quite deep every time she opens her mouth to create her soaring melodies. She is an amazing contradiction- appearing on the outside to be quite childlike, and yet has a deep understanding of herself as though she has lived a long and full life.


I am immediately drawn to her sweet pop hooks that incorporate both lyrical line and electric beat. It feels somehow earthy, but modern with the influence of technology. This is super apparent in your new favorite running song, “Warrior.”



Aurora is quite difficult to articulate effectively. She is capable of being childlike, guttural, mysterious, and melodic.  Do yourself a favor and find out for yourself and enjoy this album of gold.



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Originally from Owasso, Oklahoma, Sean McGee has performed across the country and globe. When he isn’t trapped in the rabbit hole called Youtube, you can find him trapped on all other forms of media. He enjoys spending all five minutes of his spare time writing, eating Thai food, and playing the ukulele poorly. He insists on a life filled with music, traveling, and photography. See what he sees on Instagram @sean_mcgee13

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