Balancing Your B-Side: Get Your Nettle On


Get Your Nettle On

By Coach Jackie

Spring is finally in the air, and in everyone’s conversations is that dreaded topic - allergies. Auditions are in jeopardy, you can’t sing, and your voice sounds funny. I get it. At every season’s turn, like clockwork, I was once tackled by a sore throat and a gross post nasal drip. But with hard work, patience, and a little magic, I rid myself of that torturous pattern. To change the makeup of the body really does take time and consistency. However, it’s not about just one thing. It’s about a bunch of things over time that can truly make your body and it’s reactions different.

I’m not about to give you all my secrets at once, but I can tell you about Stinging Nettle. 

First things first: Nettle is extremely high in chlorophyll. Remember learning about chlorophyll in science class? Yeah, well it’s good stuff. Chlorophyll is a plant pigment that is responsible for the absorption of light in the process of photosynthesis. The result: it creates energy. Luckily, for us humans, it turns out that chlorophyll helps fight cancer, increases liver detoxification, speeds up wound healing, improves digestion, and is a great skin protector. Like I said, it’s magic.

This magical herb can also reduce the amount of histamine the body releases in response to an allergen. 

What?? How does it do that? 

I have no idea. It just does. 

My Nettle Tea.JPG

This stuff has so many benefits it would be impossible to list them all. I mean, I could… but it’s not necessary. It’s just plain good stuff for the body. Taking in the benefits of stinging nettle can be good for you all year, but I always make a point to ingest more when those blooming flowers and trees take over our lives. The easiest way is in tea form. Be sure to purchase a good quality product and feel free to drink 2-3 cups of tea per day. In tincture form, nettle can also be quite effective. Simply follow the instructions on the bottle. Some people have resulted in a slight stomach upset, so maybe build up to the recommended dosage. It’s potent stuff. If you’re feeling really crazy, buy your own herbs and construct your own tea. Be sure to handle any nettle you collect fresh with gloves on until those pesky stingers are deactivated by cooking or a hot water soak.

As an allergy fighting bonus, please find local raw honey. The theory is that honey from bees in your area contains tiny bits of the stuff that you are “allergic” to. When exposed to little bits at a time, you may become less sensitive to it. 

There are tons of places to buy herbs and teas in NYC. Below are a few I have either visited or have been recommended to me. 

Trustworthy herb shopping in NYC:

Also check out Mountain Rose Herbs online.

Heck, just buy in bulk from Amazon. 


“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” - Albert Einstein



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