B-Side Playlist: Matt Corby


Matt Corby

By Sean McGee

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G’day Mate! From pop Idol to soulful master, Matt Corby is a brilliant singer-songwriter from Sydney, Australia.  

I was introduced to Matt Corby’s music from an Australian friend, who insisted I take a listen.  I was immediately fascinated that I had not heard of him before. Matt Corby has large following in Australia, but hasn’t for some reason made it into the American market. 

His debut with the Australian audiences was on the fifth season of Australian Idol, where was the runner-up. He has since explained his time on Australian Idol as a “Big F****** Mistake”.  Having looked into some of his Idol videos from 2007, it’s evident that he was not in his element. Through the years of artistic growth he saw moderate success. Finally in 2011 his EP, Into the Fire, reintroduced him to the Australian mainstream. The track from EP that was so infectious was titled “Brother”. 

Take a listen to “Brother” Here:

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What is so infectious about this track in particular is the vocal line. Matt has vocal dexterity that is extremely unique. He is able to switch his voice from a guttural growl to a light perfectly pitched falsetto. The song starts with a call, which is almost reminiscent of some sort of animal call. The smokiness of his voice creates a smooth easy tone to listen to.  The way he meanders through his vocal lines leaves the music secondary. Watching him singing live, there is a strong internal connection for him. He truly sings from his soul, and this capability is what is so infectious. 

Live performance of  “Made of Stone”:


“Resolution” off another EP titled Resolution, really shows off an ability to write lyrically. With his music, I never find myself waiting for the “beat to drop” for lack of better words. The way he twists his metaphors with his dynamic vocals keeps each song interesting throughout. The choice of everyday words creates a relatability.

Here’s a studio recording of “Resolution”:


To get to the music, it sits somewhere between a handful of styles. His work sits mostly somewhere between folk and indie rock. For indie-folk rock, there is something about the music that does have mass appeal. There is also a very clear, very presence of soul and blues. Despite his latest album, Telluric, being almost solely funk/soul it is still branded with his distinctive gifts.

Feed your soul with the gifted sounds of Matt Corby.

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Originally from Owasso, Oklahoma, Sean McGee has performed across the country and globe. He is a proud member of the Actors Equity Association and the Broadway Backwards community. He insists on a life filled with music, traveling, and photography. See what he sees on Instagram @sean_mcgee13